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New Forest High School is a non-racial, non-sexist centre of excellence catering for the learners in the south of Durban as well as the needs of the wider community.  As a learning centre it aims to meet the broad educational aspirations of its community in an environment in which all its learners will feel comfortable.  Guided by Our Shared Core Values New Forest aims to develop the unique potential of each learner and foster academic, commercial and technical excellence.  Entrepreneurial and essential life skills are also promoted, allowing learners to take their places in a changing society.  New Forest offers a well-balanced curriculum with a wide range of subjects and a variety of sports, clubs and societies.  
In keeping with the schools motto “Honour before Honours”, New Forest strives to instil in its learners a sense of responsibility and pride in their school. Our 4 Core Values






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Have a look at a few of our main extra-curricular activities. Visit our Extra-Curricular Activities page for much more!
We believe that participating in sports is a valuable part of a well-rounded education. Not only does it promote physical fitness and healthy competition, but it also teaches important life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.
One the 10th June 1955 New  Forest High School under the Principalship of J K Graham, was officially opened by Mr P J W Groenewald the Member of Executive Council for Education in Natal.  At the time it was not a High School at all.  In fact it had opened on 1st February 1955 as Woodlands Primary School and by the 10th June it had grown to 350 pupils, with pupils from Class 1 to Standard 4.  Initially it was known as Woodlands Primary School.  The school Vice Principal was Mr L G S Merret and there were 8 other teachers.
The building consisted of the central administrative and science block and a portion of the present South wing.  The school grew and changed rapidly.  1956 saw the name change to New Forest High School.  The 1st cricket match was played on the newly developed field and the enrolment had grown to 561 pupils which included Standard 6.  Six additional classrooms were built on to the South Wing in 1957.  In June that year, 430 pupils from Class 1 to Standard 4 were transferred to the new Southlands Primary School.
The School continued to develop and change with additional facilities being added to and developed over time. 1960 saw the occupation of the North Wing, the completion of the Library and the 1st group of pupils to write their matric.  Mr W K Douglas had become the Vice Principal and he was very soon putting his stamp on the school – mostly on the rear end of the boy!  Of that matric class, R L P Gordon who was DUX in 1965, became the 1st old boy to teach at the school.
Over the time the school playing fields were extended and the top hockey field developed.  Concerted efforts at fund raising saw the opening of tennis courts and eventually the swimming pool.
1965 saw another major change when the girls in Standard 6 and 7 began to move to Mowat Park.  The school itself was not ready and the girls moved into Montclair Primary before their new buildings were ready and in the following year, New Forest became an all-boys school.
Over the years, there has been increasing parental involvement in the school.  1977 saw the 1st meeting of the School’s Advisory School Committee.  This is not to say parents had not been actively involved in fund raising before.  This trend of increasing control came to fruition in 1992 with the changed status of the school in 2 ways.  In that year we became a multi-racial school open to all races and New Forest became a state aided school responsible for its own finances and controlled by a Board of Governors elected by the parents.
Over the years considerable change has taken place.  The school once again became co-ed in 1997 and this year we had our first Head Girl and Head Boy.  Other changes have taken place in the improvement and modernisation of the Technical Subjects, with both Fitting and Turning and Electrical subjects being taught. These subjects got phased out in 2008.
1999 saw the introduction of Maritime Studies which can enable our learners to pass the “Understanding Shipping Course” in Grade 12.  This will give them an internationally recognised qualification.
A computer room has been developed and other subjects such as Drama, have been added to the curriculum.  Our matriculation results have been good.  The school has earned a number of 100% pass rate and our exemption rate too, has improved. In 2012 the school was named by the Sunday Times as one of the top 100 schools in South Africa.
We are currently proudly associated with:
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation 100 High Schools of Excellence
Inkanyezi Project supported by Zenex Foundation and Micheal and Susan Dell Foundation
In 2010 we adopted 4 Core Values which underpin the School Motto HONOR ANTE HONORES (Honour Before Honours). These values are
Our Leadership Programme subscribes to the Service Leadership philosophy and all learners are encouraged to adopt the STOP THINK DO philosophy. The anology of the robot is used to illustrate the later.
The school has grown considerably, and we currently our doors to over 800 learners.